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Robert Cumming B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Coach Robert began martial arts in 1986 because he loved ninja movies and he was being bullied. Fast forward 35 years later, Robert has trained hundred of students, has develop National Champions, but, if you ask him, he is more interested in collaboration over competition. In fact, Coach Robert believes his toughest competition is himself and he teaches this, and other life lessons, each time he is on the training floor. 

The Story of Jung Do

The drive behind Jung Do, which means 'The Right Way' in Korean, was inspired by Coach Robert's experience teaching at St. Lawrence College. While teaching conflict education and stress management, Coach Robert repeatedly heard that his students wish they had learned the skills he was teaching when they younger. After a few years, Coach Robert spoke to his wife and they made a plan to develop a program that would utilize martial arts as a vehicle to teach life skills to youth.

Jung Do has been a part of the Kingston community for almost 8  years and continues to provide a safe, fun, respectful, and caring environment to teach skills that parents can really get behind. 

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Click on the  link to learn more about who Robert is and what experience he brings when he teaches. 

Contact Coach Robert 

If you are interested in your children working with Robert, send him a message or give him a call. 

Cell: 613 328 9819

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