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Robert Cumming, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., ACC.

Coach Robert began training in martial arts in 1986 because he loved ninja movies and he was being bullied. Fast forward 37 years later, Robert has trained hundreds of students, and has developed National Champions, but, if you ask him, he is more interested in collaboration over competition. In fact, Coach Robert believes his toughest competition is himself and he teaches the importance of spotlighting what is gained through hard work and effort vs. what is lacking when compared to others. This is one of many life lessons taught on the Jung Do training floor. 

Professionally, Coach Robert has a Master of Education degree from Queen's University. He currently works with companies to provide coaching and consulting that help leaders implement human skills within their organizations.


The Story of Jung Do

The drive behind Jung Do, which means 'The Right Way' in Korean, was inspired by Coach Robert's experience teaching at St. Lawrence College. While teaching conflict education and stress management, Coach Robert repeatedly heard that his students wished they had learned the skills he was teaching when they were younger. A few years later, Coach Robert and his wife came up with a  plan to develop a program that would employ martial arts as a vehicle to teach life skills to youth.

Jung Do has been a part of the Kingston community for a decade and continues to provide a safe, fun, respectful, and caring environment to teach skills that parents can really get behind. 



At Jung Do Martial Arts, we're not just about mastering the art; we're about mastering ourselves. Our ethos revolves around RESILIENCE, SERVICE, and EXCELLENCE, and we weave these values into every lesson and interaction.

  • RESILIENCE: Our members cultivate true resilience, learning that it’s not just about bouncing back, but about growing stronger through challenges. Courage, confidence, grit, and hard work become our companions on this journey.

  • IMPACT: We're not just instructors; we're changemakers. Through influence and role modelling, we empower our members to effect positive changes in ourselves and our communities.

  • SERVICE: At the heart of our teachings is care, but it's a special kind of care. It's service. And service is sometimes about giving people what they need, not just what they want. In the dojo and in life, it’s essential to distinguish between the two. Serving means prioritizing the greater good and long-term growth, even if it isn't always the most popular choice. Our nurturing environment fosters healthy relationships built on mutual respect and understanding.

  • EXCELLENCE: We don't settle for mediocrity. Our members are trained to pursue excellence, not just in our martial arts skills, but in who we become as individuals. Success isn't just about achieving a goal; it's about maintaining that high standard and replicating that success in various aspects of our lives.

At Jung Do Martial Arts, we're not just building martial artists; we're nurturing tomorrow's leaders, equipped with the values and skills to make a lasting difference.

Our RISE logo is a visual reminder of our mission to help our members become resilient, develop excellence, and to choose to become leaders. The bottom triangle represents Average, and the middle triangle is the Ability and opportunity for our members to rise to their full potential. The top triangle represents ARETE', from Ancient Greek philosophy, meaning the "sharp mountain edge," which also means  "excellence," "developing of good character" and it involves the act of living up to one's full potential. 

Contact Coach Robert 

If you are interested in your children working with Robert, send him a message or give him a call. 

Cell: 613 328 9819

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