710 Front Road

Kingston, ON K7L 1B2


Tel: 613 449 9935

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Where Martial Arts is More Than Kicking & Punching 

Kingston's Best Martial Arts Academy utilizes martial arts as a vehicle to teach life skills. Our goal is to help our members become the best versions of themselves.

Empathy, Focus, Confidence, Resilience, Kindness, Self-Regulation, & Strength 


At Kingston's Best, our aim is to create an accepting and nurturing environment - one that empowers our members to gain the skills they require to develop as individuals from the inside out. 


We utilize martial arts as a vehicle to assist our students in understanding what it means to create and maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others through empathy, kindness, and self-confidence.


I invite you to book a trial with us to experience all that we have to offer.  


Robert Cumming B.Ed., M.Ed.

Master Instructor & Founder



4-6 years of age

A great introduction to martial arts for child. Goals: Focus, Self-Regulation, and Social Skills


Duration: 30 minute classes


A great fitness program for people looking for a fun workout


Duration: 45 minute classes



6-11 years of age


We provide a supportive and nurturing environment for kids after a long school day


Goals: Develop Self-Regulation, Mindfulness, Confidence and Discipline


Duration: 3:00pm - 6:00pm



7-9 years of age & 10-15 years of age

Our youth program offers classes for two age groups. 


Goals: Independence, Confidence, Enthusiasm, & Self Regulation


DurationL 45 minute classes


4-11 years of age


We provide a fun, safe and active experience as we help children develop healthy relationships. Campers are introduced to a variety of activities that keep them engaged and motivated. 

Goals: Self-Regulation, Respect, Confidence, Build Healthy Relationships 

Duration: 8:00am-5:30pm