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A Special Note for our Parents

Dear Parents,


The journey to earning the RAVE Badge is a powerful experience designed to help your children recognize and nurture the seeds of gratitude in their lives. As they embark on this adventure, your guidance, encouragement, and participation can make all the difference!


Here's how you can support them:


Engage with Them: As they complete their RAVE tasks and challenges, ask them about their experiences. Share your own moments of gratitude. Together, you can explore the joys of recognizing, appreciating, valuing, and embracing the blessings of life.


Model Gratitude: Children often learn best by watching the actions of those they look up to. We invite you to participate in the gratitude challenges alongside your child. When they see you taking a moment to appreciate the little things, they'll be inspired to do the same.


Guide in Documentation: Your child will be completing an assignment document that captures their gratitude journey. While they will be doing most of the work, they might need a helping hand in organizing their thoughts, ensuring all parts of the assignment are completed, or in using any digital tools required for submission.


Badge Presentation: At the end of the month, we'll have a special badge presentation ceremony. The RAVE Badge will serve as a beautiful reminder of the gratitude journey your child undertook. Your assistance in handing in their completed assignment document is crucial to ensure they receive their well-deserved badge.


Gratitude is a gift that keeps giving, leading to a more positive outlook, resilience, and deeper connections with others. By embarking on this journey alongside your child, not only are you reinforcing these vital lessons, but you're also creating cherished memories that both of you will carry forward.


Thank you for being an essential part of this experience! Together, let's make the world of RAVE a reality for our young adventurers.



Coach Robert

Step into the World of RAVE

Ever had that warm, fuzzy feeling when you get a surprise gift, or when you think of your favorite toy or person? That's a sprinkle of gratitude! And guess what? We're setting sail on a special quest to uncover more of these amazing feelings.

What is a RAVE Badge?

RAVE stands for Recognize, Appreciate, Value, & Embrace. It sounds fancy, doesn't it? It's all about noticing the good stuff around us and feeling happy about it. Think of it as finding small treasures in everyday life!

Why Should I 

When we RAVE, we feel good inside. It's like getting a warm hug from the heart! Being thankful helps us be happy, strong, and friendly. Plus, it's super fun to share good moments with others. So, let's learn to RAVE about all the fantastic things in our lives!

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Badge Level 1

For our young adventurers aged 5 to 7, this is your special badge level:

      Level 1 - For 5–7-year olds: 

  1. Express gratitude for simple things.

  2. Participate in collaborative activities.

  3. Share moments of gratitude.

  4. Complete at least 4 tasks from the list.


Choose and complete at least 1 of the following tasks each week for 1 month (for total of 4 RAVE tasks): See instructions for each activity in their attached file. 



Gratitude Circle: Gather as a family and take turns sharing something each person is grateful for that day. Encourage your child to express their gratitude, especially for simple things like a sunny day or a favorite toy. During that time, each member will share someone they are thankful for, something they are thankful for, and a place they are thankful for. Parents will encourage their children to also explain why they are thankful for their person, place and a thing so that they are able to RAVE about it (recognize, appreciate, see the value and embrace the role the person, place or thing plays in their life). 


Decorate a RAVE jar with your child and label it "Gratitude Jar." For one week, encourage your child to write or draw one thing (and of course they can do more) they're grateful for each day and place it in the jar. Read the notes together or look at and have your child describe their pictures after the week and reflect on all the things they have to rave about in their lives. 


Help your child make thank-you cards for family members, friends, or teachers and why they are rave-ing about them! This activity reinforces the act of expressing appreciation and gratitude as it helps children recognize and appreciate the role others play in their lives and the value they bring. 


Go for a nature walk with your child. Encourage them to observe and express gratitude for the beauty of the natural world around them, such as colourful flowers or chirping birds.





For 1 week, before bedtime, ask your child to share three things (person, place & thing) they're grateful for from their day. This routine helps them reflect on positive experiences they have to RAVE about.

Give 3 people something to RAVE about! Engage in simple acts of kindness, like making a handmade gift for a friend or helping a family member with a chore. Discuss with your parent how these actions make both the giver and receiver feel grateful and can prompt the receiver to want to RAVE about what you did. 

Create a thankful RAVE tree by drawing a tree trunk on paper and attaching paper leaves. Each day, your child can write or draw a person, place, and thing they're grateful for on a leaf and attach it to the tree (no repeats!).

Invent a RAVE gratitude-themed triangulation with your child. Encourage them to express their gratitude creatively by developing their very own gratitude triangulation.


Introduce young children to a broader vocabulary of descriptive words related to feelings and experiences, encouraging them to recognize, appreciate, and express a wider range of positive emotions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this level, I've learned that gratitude is like a magic power inside me! It's not just feeling happy but saying "thank you" for little things. I've worked with my friends on fun activities, and we shared our "thank you" moments together. Every day, I remember to be thankful for things, big or small. I've also finished 4 fun tasks from our list, and it made me realize how special it is to be thankful. Gratitude can make a rainy day feel sunny. 


Parents, please download and assist your child in completing the RAVE document that is required to be submitted to be considered for the RAVE BADGE. Click the PDF document icon to download the form. 

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